We’re very excited to announce that Springboard has partnered with Women Who Code, an international nonprofit dedicated to empowering women in technology, to launch the Springboard/Women Who Code?scholarship program. Ten scholarships worth $1,000 each will be awarded to women who enroll in Springboard’s Software Engineering Career Track, the Data Science Career Track, or the Machine […]

Spotify listeners are likely familiar with the annual buzz that surrounds Spotify Wrapped. At the end of each year, Spotify provides users with a summary of their music history, top artists, favorite genres, and total minutes of music, and more—all wrapped up in an?interactive, colorful, elaborately-designed display.?It’s a fun and intuitive way to use big […]

When we founded Springboard in 2013, our goal was to bring together a network of online learners. Over time, that goal turned into a much broader and meaningful vision to grow a global community and bridge the world’s skills gap by supporting and empowering our students every step of the way. We’ve brought together students […]

Data science?is a great profession—but it can also be a lonely one. For many newly qualified data scientists, the first few years out of college are a real challenge. Without the camaraderie and friendship provided by your peers, it can quickly begin to feel isolating.? However, data science is actually?an inherently social profession. Part of […]

When Spike Jonze’s film “Her” hit movie theaters in 2013, an awkward buzz around the unknown novelty of artificial intelligence was just beginning to snowball into full-fledged paranoia. Critics went so far as to title the film the scariest movie of the year, casting AI as the ultimate despot that left us—the viewers and subsequently […]

We’re happy to announce that Springboard has partnered with the University of California San Diego Extension, which offers continuing and professional education, certificate, and degree-related programs, to offer a machine learning engineering program that will?allow learners to earn a professional certificate of completion from the UC San Diego Extension. The six-month, self-paced, part-time program is […]

While the holiday shopping season heralds many wonderful indulgences and rituals, it also coincides with a sharp uptick in cyberattacks. This year, as a historic number of shoppers prepare to purchase their holiday gifts online to minimize the risk of contracting COVID-19, cybercriminals have access to a larger base of potential victims than ever before. […]

Making a career change can be intimidating. And yet, moving from one job to another is becoming increasingly more common. The average person in the United States changes careers between five and seven times in their life. According to CNBC, 49% of people have made a “dramatic” career shift at least once—say, from marketing to […]

So you’ve landed your first role as a software engineer—congrats! Now that you’ve signed your employment agreement and gone through any onboarding, you’re ready to dive into your first week on the job.? Use this handy guide to help you navigate your new role with confidence and purpose. Get in the loop—and stay in it […]